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Precision Assembly has technicians that are skilled in performing many types of product testing.

We work closely with customers to implement test procedures to help insure all products that leave our facility are of the highest quality.


Product Testing


Precision Assembly offers a wide range of product testing methods and experience to help maximize quality and minimize cost. Our Test Team will work closely with you to implement your existing test and provide engineering support to identify effective product testing solutions.

Our testing experience includes:
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Bed of Nails Tester
  • Burn-in Testing
  • IC Programming
  • Functional Tests
  • Current Testing
  • Frequency Testing
  • GPS Testing

We recognize the importance of testing products before they are delivered to our customers. In-house test capabilities, not only provide an immediate feedback of our assembly performance, but also assure the functionality of the product. Key values, such as First Pass Yield (FPY), are reported and evaluated on a daily basis to correct problems and prevent recurrences.

At Precision Assembly Inc., we work together with our customers to develop and maintain the test fixtures that help us guarantee a working end-product every time.

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