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At Precision Assembly we take pride in the abilities of our employees.  We have a skilled workforce of dedicated professionals ready for any challenge our customers bring our way.

We have a very low turnover rate and a friendly, respectful working atmosphere which keeps employees here long term.

About Precision Assembly

Precision Assembly, Inc. opened its doors in 1996 as an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) company that provides printed circuit board assembly services (PCB, PCBA) to regional OEM companies. Over the past 16 years, Precision Assembly has experienced substantial growth and now serves customers throughout the Western Region in industries that include:
  • Medical
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Educational Technologies
  • Home Automation/Lighting Controls

Precision Assembly has built a reputation founded on exceptional service and committed partnerships resulting in long-standing customer relationships evidenced by an average 14+ year tenure of its top three customers.

Located in Orem, Utah in a seventeen thousand square-foot facility, Precision Assembly currently employs around 70 individuals who take pride in providing superior quality and unmatched service.

From knowledgeable Engineering support (Design Lay-Out services, Surface Mount Assembly and Prototyping, etc) to customizable Product Integration (Box-Build, Testing, Packaging/Shipping Services, etc.), Precision Assembly provides strategic solutions for the dynamic process of electronics manufacturing.

Whether you are a single entrepreneur or a multi-tier corporation, Precision Assembly is your complete Electronic Manufacturing Solutions partner.

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