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Our Materials team and its vendor partnerships have many years of experience in managing a wide variety of supply chain solutions to fit your needs including:
  • Full Turnkey
  • Consignment
  • Turnkey and Consignment
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Materials Management at Precision Assembly

Our inventory department is comprised of a great team that understands the importance of keeping our inventory accurate for both turnkey and consignment components. We currently use an ERP system to manage the receiving, consumption and shipping of all our materials. We are also very excited about our new inventory carousel in the SMT area! With this team and tools we provide:
  • ESD bins to insure the safety of our components
  • Incoming inspection on all receipts to drive accuracy
  • Tractability using Lot and Batch control on specific items
  • Multiple storage room/location abilities
  • Shipping to out of state and rural customers
  • Free Delivery to local customers
  • Both internal and external customer service
  • Tight control of both Turnkey and Customers Consigned Inventory

Having this trained inventory story staff reduces loss and increases accuracy, and that translates into less loss of dollars!

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